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Welcome To Waris Foundation Introduction

                                                                                           Waris Foundation History
WARIS Foundation a non-government, non-profit organization, born in 2003 had been working for social uplift of the society, mainly for Narcotics. It started working with to provide the standard treatment to the general public, free of cost. To aware the people about injurious of using drugs. To take up with care program and to as a part of hygiene education to the people. To provide monetary assistance to the people at the time of distress. Education & Health has paved way for integrated approaches. WARIS Foundation has adopted participatory approached right from planning to implementation, involving communities at every level. This led the organization to have very deep roots in the communities. Child, old age workers & adolescents have always been receiving priority attention in WARIS Foundation programs. Ever since its inception, WARIS Foundation has empowered youngsters, workers, women and children economically and socially. Huge number of adolescents have been empowered and made adopt a healthy life style. Men, women and children were never ever neglected in WARIS Foundation programs, leading towards an attitudinal change.The need for a national organization focused on Antnarcotics was obvious to Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain 2002 when Narcotics /drug taking by the affected were in initial stages. Not only did families and individuals need a centralized location for information and networking, but the non-narcotics medical community needed resources and guidance as well. Across the country, many Districts of Pakistan did not screen the narcotics for Waris foundation, resulting in drastic increase of patients of narcotics uses and delays in obtaining the most appropriate medical care. The following chronology summarizes highlights of the Waris Foundation’s history:-
          Through the efforts of the Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain, Waris Foundation became a nonprofit organization with a board of trustees and a scientific and medical advisory board focusing on research, education, and support for families and individuals affected by Narcotics.                           The organization operated from Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain’s home with volunteer support, and developed its network of families and professionals to support future growth. The website (
www.warisfoundation.com) became a lifeline for families and individuals, although many contacted Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain directly by phone and e-mail. At the close of 2001, the first newsletter was distributed, which would expand over the years to periodical published a year. The first lecture/support group meeting for affected families was held in Sheikhupura, Waris Foundation embraced the issue of comprehensive Narcotics screening, bringing it to the table with other advocates and nonprofits concerned with genetic conditions, such as the March of Dimes. Although much progress was made, consistent efforts continue to this day to ensure that all Districts screen Antinarcotics for Waris Foundation.The second lecture and support group meeting was again held in Sheikhupura, and local gatherings of affected families were held in Districts to share knowledge and experience. A family workshop in Sheikhupura attracted 70 participants.Waris Foundation began its program of providing financial aid to families needing to travel for specialized medical care, and this service continues, with demand outpacing available resources.A physician listing was created and made available of youth and adult addicated and psychologists with experience in treating narcoctics patients as a resource for families around the area. This list is maintained and updated daily.The Scientific and Medical Advisory Board grew to ten members from all over the Pakistan.WARIS Foundation hired its first staff person, and continued from Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain’s home.
           Foundation welfare society was established on 08th August 2003 & registered with the Registrar Joint stock Companies, Sheikhupura (Enterprises & Investment Promotion) under the Society’s Registration Act, XXI of 1860 vide No. RS/SKP/2003/1576/136 dated 09-08-A member of Waris Foundation’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board received many award of the on the issue of Narcotics and other burning issues from various Societies.Waris Foundation sponsored a Family Workshop in Sheikhupura with 165 participants, offering continuing education for the Specialists for the first time. The annual conference, free to individuals and families, becomes a major commitment of the organization, and rotates from parts of the Pakistan.Waris Foundation began creation of a ‘membership database’ to better serve its target populations, distribute the newsletter, mobilize advocacy efforts, communicate important information, track growth, and capture member needs.Advocacy efforts by Waris Foundation and other groups were successful in increasing the Health budget by sixteen percent, which included research into new clinical treatments and therapy for persons with Waris Foundation.
           The 2004 the Waris Foundation moved into its first office at Chohan Street, Mohallah Hanjranwala, Gujranwala Road, Sheikhupura and staff grew to three. The website was updated, with newsletters archived and a new section on clinical trials. Small grants were made to affected person of narticos and addicates.During the year under consideration Seminar and other conferences were held and camps were successfully managed to provide the treatment and facilities to the various members of the society with the motivate to provide the avoided from the narcotics.

           Conference in Muncipal Committee hall was conducted which was attended by 250 people. The Guest speakers mostly related to the Government of Pakistan appreciated the endeavours of the Foundation.Waris Foundation staffing grew to eight people. New efforts were dedicated to the general welfare of the Public
           In the year, Waris Foundation’s offices were decorated and racks were prepared for maintenance of record and for medicines to keep the same intact apart from above new furniture and equipment were purchased. With the generous support of donors, friends, volunteers, and staff, new offices were located at Chohan Street, Mohallah Hanjranwala, Gujranwala Road, Sheikhupura and the organization resumed operations in a proper manners. Waris Foundation received a received grant from various people for the purposes of Charities.The annual conference, held inMuncipal Town Hall, attracted close to 800 participants and awards were distributed to all participants.The first membership survey was designed and distributed through the newsletter and website, with over 500 respondents.
           Grew to over to over 2,000 individuals/families and 500 healthcare and public health professionals in all the Districts.
The number of volunteer led family support groups grew to 59 As of results of our efforts a number of people affectees were benefited from our programes and the foundation expanded its programs for the far flung areas.
           Foundation launched the redesign of its website, with expanded information and improved navigation.Funding was provided for generous support of donors, friends, volunteers, and staff for the purposes of research work.As of July, Waris Foundation finally was able to celebrate the fact that every addidated in any part of the country is now being tested for and Having achieved this goal, Foundation began focusing its efforts on national campaigns as well as emergency medical response.Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain, founder of Waris Foundation, stepped as Elected Executive and President of the Board of Trustees and continues his work at large.Waris Foundation support group leaders across the Country received training manuals and interactive training sessions to further improve local support for families with Waris Foundation.Waris Foundation created a school/camp information packet to assist families in building a strong team of family, healthcare providers, teachers and others to ensure the health and safety of their child, adult and family while at school or camp.Comprehensive Care CentersWe are working with experts in the Waris Foundations healthcare arena to develop guidelines for Waris Foundation Comprehensive Care Centers around the country. The Waris Foundation Comprehensive Care Center is intended to be a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are experts or developing experts in the care of Patients.As a part of this project, Waris Foundation hosted a meeting of the Country’s leading clinicians as well as individuals and families affected by this condition to derive guidelines for the establishment of, and standards for the recognition and maintenance of, comprehensive clinical care centers for the treatment of Anti Narcotics throughout the life cycle.Relevant topics discussed during this conference included:-
• comprehensive multi-disciplinary patient-centered care throughout the lifecycle
• efficiency, sensitivity, and specificity of Ant-narcotics
• diagnosis and molecular genetics
• psycho-social-behavioral support systems and services
• Dosing involvement, and outcomes for affected people
• seamless transition to adult care providers
• advocacy, education, research, and training (patients, families, health care providers, etc.)
• preconception counseling
• informatics, electronic medical records, registry

                                              Vision: A. CAPACITY BUILDING.

Waris Foundation programs benefit more than 3,200 families and medical professionals across the Country. Our members represent every District in the country. These programs include:
• Grants to qualifying researchers for better treatment, better understanding of the narcotica and treatment of disease, and a cure
• One-on-one support for affected individuals and their families
• Educational materials and information for those living with the daily challenges of Waris Foundation.
• Educational progams for individuals, and their families and health care professionals
• Comprehensive quarterly newsletters
• Physician referral service
• Advocate for comprehensive Anti-narcotics
• Advocate for appropriate emergency medical care
• Local support groups for affected individuals and their families
• Financial assistance for travel for families with a financial need for specialist care and to attend Waris Foundations sponsored
Capacity building and training of Para medical and Technical staff to:
1. Effectively manage the implementation of the enhanced program activities through multi-sectoral approach including collaboration with private sector not-for-profit.
2. Effectively monitor, review and evaluate the program interventions and change policies and strategies on evidence base.
3. Share relevant information with all stakeholders especially the politicians and civil society through media and stakeholder workshops for their continued advice and reports.
B Second Generation Surveillance System

           and Operational Research System is to monitor the identified high risk sub-groups for:-
1. Better understanding of trends over time.
2. Behaviors during the epidemic in a country.
3. Surveillance more focused on sub-populations at highest risk of infection.
4. Flexible surveillance that moves with the need.
5. State of the epidemic
6. Better use of surveillance data to increase understanding and to plan prevention and care.
D. Integrated care delivery for NARCOTICS patients and their clients and families.
1. Counseling and support services for NARCOTICS patients, their clients and families.
2. Training of medics, paramedics, nurses and counselors in medical care and counseling of NARCOTICS patients, their
clients and families.
To improve knowledge and practice of HIV preventive measures including use of high quality STI services, by the general adult public.
To create enabling environment for involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in prevention of NARCOTICS.
To increase general public access to appropriate information related to NARCOTICS prevention through use of electronic media and print media.
To increase utilization of already established networks of healthcare services for the dissemination of NARCOTICS information and prevention material.
The objective is to develop, disseminate and encourage adherence to national guidelines and policies on infection control.
           Research Grants Program
           Waris Foundation is the only organization in the Pakistan dedicated to Narcotics research, education and support. Since our founding in 2002, Waris Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of Rupees toward research for anti-narcotics.
Improving the lives of those affected by narcotics is a mission critical priority for Waris Foundation. The Research Grants Program provides financial support to scholars undertaking research that will result in improving quality of life, improving current treatments and protocols, and ultimately finding a cure for Waris Foundation. Grant applications are reviewed and selected through Waris Foundation’s research committee.
Grants have been awarded to:
The program would target certain vulnerable groups, which are not necessarily high transmitters of infection but are vulnerable to NARCOTICS due to specific exposure and vulnerabilities. This group includes youth, migrant labor and uniformed personnel.
Communities leading socially and economically prosperous live and to save the people from using drugs.
Mission Statement:
           WARIS Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of families and individuals affected by Narcotics proactively advancing research for better understanding of Waris Foundation, better treatments and a cure; educating the public and healthcare professionals about all forms of Waris Foundation; advocating for universal Antinarcotics screening; and providing support services and resources vital to the Waris foundation community worldwide.WARIS Foundation has a focused mission to provide quality health and social services to underserved communities in Pakistan, by using innovative and participatory approaches and to provide the free medical treatment to the general public.
Organizational Goal:
           Strengthening and empowering the communities to solve their problems through collective action and participation and to motivate the peoples to avoid from using drugs which is the core program of the Foundation
Organization Objectives:
l To establish hospitals / clinics for medical treatment for peoples
l To enable and encourage communities to become self-reliant.
l To provide job opportunities for un-employed peoples
l To establish training centers for training youngsters against drugs.
l To provide assistance to poor and deserving peoples
l To give the membership to latent people especially related with medical field from all over the country.
Strategic Imperatives:
l Expanded awareness in communities of their needs, rights and responsibilities.
l Gender-balanced community participative development
l Human resource and institutional development at local level for the healthy nation.
l Building institutional network for hospitals and clinics.
           WARIS Foundation recognizes the important social & economic role both women and men play in Pakistani Society and the necessity for their equal participation as “agent of change” in order to achieve equitable and sustainable development. Cultural, economic & institutional barriers restrict rural women’s and activists full and meaningful participation in development.

           WARIS Foundation has committed to;
l Reducing the barriers.
l Promoting charges of attitudes and practice among both women and men.
l Taking proactive measures to promote the people not to take drugs
l To provide continuing support to educate the people and to intimate them regarding disadvantages not to take proper training and education will make a lot of difficulties in all walks of life.
l To provide free medical facilities to the poor and needy people
l To provide assistance to general peoples from avoiding use drugs and injurious for health

l To provide special medical assistance to the peoples who intend to serve the general public for medication and facilitation.
Awareness of Peoples through Print Media / Multimedia:
1. WARIS Foundation has conducted various seminars with regard to providing facility to the general public for non-using narcotics. This job was performed through print media / multimedia. Apart from different authorities of public including the President of Pakistan has also appreciated the messages through appreciation letters. Due to our efforts through print media and multimedia we have successfully delivered our messages to general public for non-using narcotics. Every year on 26th June aprogramme is arranged as United Nations World Antinarcotics. The other participations of the programme are as under:-
United Nations, Pakistan Antinarcotics Control Division
Ministry of Antinarcotics, Islamabad
Antinarcotics Punjab, Govt. of Punjab.
Sheikhupura Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sheikhupura.
2. The NGO can handle the programme of with the help of his staff and participation of Technical Staff. The overall objectives of the NGO is to achieve by December,2008 the general adult population and youth of Punjab have acquired improved knowledge, skills, practice and behavior for protecting themselves and their peers against NARCOTICS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Financial Statements
2009 Audited Financial Statements
2008 Audited Financial Statements
2007 Audited Financial Statements
2006 Audited Financial Statements
WARIS Foundation is able to offer support to families affected by NARCOTICS, fund medical research for new treatments and a cure for NARCOTICS, and educate healthcare professionals because of family fundraisers. We want to thank all of the individuals and donors who have participated in past events.
There are many, many ways you can make a difference – donation, tribute donation, gift of stock, soliciting a corporate sponsorship or planning a local fundraiser in your area. - Consider hosting a bake sale, an awareness party with a Rs.1,000/- cover donation to WARIS Foundation, a celebration where your guests gift WARIS Foundation a monetary present, or a fundraiser of your own creativity.
To get started, please take a look at our Fundraising program and take Guide or contact Hakim Malik Akbar Hussain , President, at
www.warisfoundation.com at any time.

          Waris welfare anti-narcotic foundation Reg .Govt. of Pakistan under slogan of " Save The Teenage and Adults young generation " against Narcotics and drugs. WANF is working for drugs and HIV / AIDS prevention, Drug treatment and rehabilitation, women, youth, and children affairs since 2000.Waris foundation is committed more just society based on equality, human dignity and social justice. A narcotic is a Life and death issue to have the narcotic disease is at present a sentence of slow but inevitable death. World already have last many precious lives to narcotic. We may lose many others in the many parts of the world; one man in 10 may already be carrying the narcotic habit. While the figures may currently be less in much of the rest of the world, this is changing rapidly. The drug abuse is a wide spread global problem and Pakistan is no exception to it. The Nation Drug abuse assessment study, 2000 jointly under taken by UNO DC and the Government of Pakistan estimate the number of chronic " heroin" abuses in Pakistan at 500,000, it is of great concern that a fast growing numbers of addicts use drugs through injection, which poses a serious Risk of spread of HIV/ Aids and other blood born diseases among the drug using population. Drug treatment and rehabilitation services in Pakistan are generally limited to physical detoxification with very little or no rehabilitation services. This fact contributes to high relapse rates among the drug addict under going drug treatment to ADDRESS this problem. Waris anti-narcotic foundation provides assistance to the national and international countries and NGO in up-grading their drug treatment services. Waris foundation has been providing World Anti-Narcotic course Named " Waris narcotic course" is certified P.C.S.I.R.
                                                                                                   Waris Foundation History  
Waris anti-narcotics foundation is successfully working since 1979 at to the prime location of country, Dist. Sheikhupura. By the grace of Almighty Allah the Waris Foundation has a very good reputation in the society and especially in the medical field as most of the patient from all over the country come through reference of famous doctors and psychologists and it all because of its working potential and the field of abuse and other medical problems. Waris welfare anti-narcotic foundation Reg. Govt. of Pakistan under slogan of" Save The Teenage and Adults young generation " against Narcotics and drugs. WANF is working for drugs and HIV / AIDS prevention, Drug treatment and rehabilitation, women, youth, and children affairs since 2000. Waris foundation is committed more just society based on equality, human dignity and social justice.

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