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                                           Philanthropists and other God fearing people are sponsoring the manifold activities of the foundation. However, the organization requires more affluent individuals' organizations to support and provide minatory help in this regard. The foundation feels pleasure to place on record that it is the only institute in Pakistan which was worked for the diseases like (GLUE SNIFFING, SPEED KILL,  CANNABIS, STEROIDS, NALOXONE, COCAINE, ECSTASY, HEROIN, L.S.D,KHAT).All serious Ailments of Norcotics. And has by the Grace of Almighty Achieved successful results in the treatment of patients in this field.


                                           At its initial stage the treatment of 10 patients ( Indoor treatment admited in Waris Foundation Hospital) suffering from (GLUE SNIFFING,SPEED KILL,CANNABIS,STEROIDS,NALOXONE,COCAINE,ECSTASY,HEROIN,L.S.D,KHAT) was taken up and we feel immense pleasure in saying that Alhamdolillah all of the several admited patients (10 after 10 who are admited in Waris Foundation Hospital)are now living a normal life. Complete details for reference can be made available on request by inciting our organization.


                                           We like to invite all philanthropist individuals and organizations to come and visit us personally and see themselves how we function. Since the saying goes:- Seeing is believing, therefore we do hesitate in calling people over to our temporary camps. The camps are set up on the last Sunday of every month at Mohallah Hanjranwala, Gujranwala Road, Sheikhupura between 10:00am to 4:00pm. All donations Zakat and charity are welcome and shall be highly appreciated and we assure our donors of 100% transparency. May Allah give us the courage and strength to prosper and treat all our patients to 100% recovery (Ameen).


For any further information feel free to contact us


                                           The Waris Foundation looks forward to receiving generous contributions towards alleviating the sufferings of its less fortunate brethren; we would therefore like to invite our potential donors and sponsors to visit our institution to see for the excludethe working of the organization. If satisfied they may support the foundation by providing medicines, material, equipment of complete manage for Norcotical Patients.


                                           Make a donation in memory of the loves one or to memorize a birthday, wedding or a holiday. A beautiful way to pay tribute to the special people/handicapped and ailing people in your life. We also encourage monthly donations which would give the foundation the flexibility that we need to respond to the Norcotical Patients.



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                United Bank Limited,Main bazar Sheikhupura.                     United Bank Limited,Main bazar Sheikhupura.

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