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Construction for separate

              Building for "Waris Welfare Hospital" Establishment for clinical diagnostic laboratory and research institution at district level to scan blood borne diseases HIV/AIDS, HV, HBC etc. Waris international treatment medical campaign in  different countries to organize awareness seminars educational programs against drug abuse.

Mobile Dispensary

              Since its inception, Waris Foundation was working on the idea of running a mobile dispensary so that on the spot medical assistance could be provided and a track could be maintained of such convalescents. This project finally kicked off on the 7th of April 2003 and is successfully running since. Dispensary includes a qualified doctor for OPD and a medical technician. The mobile is fully equipped with blood testing and diagnostic facilities. Various pharmaceutical companies and dealers donate medicines for the treatment, thus 98% of the supplies are available for OPD. Counseling services on psychological and sexual health are also available . Launch of the mobile dispensary was a great feat as it was the first ever of its kind in the history of Pakistan for street children. A medical transcriptions goes with the mobile and remains in the field for the whole day so that records could be maintained properly. To execute the health agenda of the foundation, the board of directors have marked some areas where the mobile people park their vehicle. Locations are permanent so children come by themselves after being taken there once. These areas are near the busy commercial centers where these children hover around the whole day to find0 work. This technique was found effective and worthy of practice. This pragmatic approach helped the foundation in collecting data and then analyzing it for the benefit of street children. The children, on the other hand, became aware of the diseases they were infected with and about the would-be happenings pertaining to their health as being part of the battered environment.

Psychological Treatment

                          Due to the trauma these children suffer as part of the street culture, they feel distracted and bewildered. They don't know where to go and with whom to share the insults and humiliation they experience. This behavior eventually turns them into criminals or drives them towards worse forms of addiction. Taking into account the dangers involved OPDs were conducted as an intervention technique. Different types of recreational activities with educational objectives to encourage creativity, enhance socializing skills and explore the child's potential like sports, visits to places of historical value and group discussions were arranged. This OPD proved extremely fruitful and has become a regular feature once a week.

The topics that came under discussion on an average psychological counseling OPD were

1.   Mood Disorders (depression)
2.   Suicide and Para-suicide.
3.   Anxiety and phobias.
4.   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
5.   General Conduct and anti / dis-social personality disorders.
6.   Psychoactive substance use disorders, including psychoses and organic disorders.
7.   Sleep disorders.
8.   Eating disorders.


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